Bend But Don’t Break

life provides us moments where we may break with all the weight however “grit” guides us back.

So many times life throws many of us a curve ball which requires us to either face the situation or run from it.

The past year has been full of events that have required “grit”, tenacity, and humor to push through those moments.

First the COVID pandemic and all that came with that including redefining the teacher role I have enjoyed. Going from “in person” to “online technology platforms” required much change with my mindset. After HOURS of self-teaching, collaborating with others, and countless editing I must say I can fairly do well with navigating technology.

The most life changing moment is experiencing caring for my dad and the ultimate loss of him. He always would share, “I’m ready to go home I know God is waiting for me.” He had the ultimate outlook on death and the moments he looked forward to when he arrived in heaven. Peace and his ever ending sense of humor were flowing throughout the process, I was in awe of his attitudes and gentle look at where he was going and where he was leaving. Heaven gained a beautiful soul on August 19,2020 while I gained an insermountable love for his words of wisdom and his view on God and how he guides our journey.

Safe to say I have experienced a bit of trauma on the 2020-2021 journey. With the guidance of God, my dad’s words of wisdom, and caring support from family and friends I was able to navigate the rocky waters and come out on other side ready to “move forward” with life. As the photo on this page shows, “the large branch is broken from the trunk, but still hanging on.”

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