When Spring Break Became a Long Break to Summer

For many of us who teach, Spring Break is a long awaited period for all to “recharge, re-visit, and reengage with those beyond the school community”. I was stoked about the break as I know my students were, it had been a long 9 week period for our kiddos working through many behavior issues. SpringContinue reading “When Spring Break Became a Long Break to Summer”

Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma is an event that causes a child physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological harm. The traumatic events have a long term impact on a child’s social, emotional, and behavioral health. There is much discussion about how childhood trauma impacts brain develpment in young children. As the young brain is developing, in particular the frontalContinue reading “Childhood Trauma”

I Just Wanted to Come to School

“Beneath every behavior there is a feeling and beneath each feeling there is a need to connect.” I remember my first year, first month, first week of teaching, 42 years ago. I set out as a new “special education teacher” preparing for my first teaching assignment. As it would go, myself and many talented teachersContinue reading “I Just Wanted to Come to School”