About Myself, the Teacher

For many years, 43 to be exact, I have had the wonderful experience of working with young students who have experienced social, emotional, behavioral, and academic weaknesses. The one factor that has remained the same throughout the years of teaching has been; most of these children have experienced some form of childhood trauma.

I have spent many hours wondering how I might share my students’ stories in hopes others will look at our kiddos, who come from hard places, with a different mindset. Because when we choose to guide our students with the undertanding of their feelings before we understand their behaviors, we will be able to move forward with academics and other school needs.

For these reasons I will share stories, ideas, and resources with you, as I hope you will share your experiences with the group. For these reasons I have created a platform for our stories. Come along with me on a wonderful journey of discovering how our students experiencing trauma have the biggest “teddy bear” hearts.

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